I was born in San Miguel, El Salvador in 1996. After 5 years of living comfortably, my dad's coffee company went under. We made the choice to pack up what we could and head to The United States to start over. The only thing I remember bringing with me was my FC Barcelona uniform that my dad had bought me for my birthday. We landed in Los Angeles we stayed in a room in my uncle's home. My parents worked various jobs and saved enough money to move to Auburn in Northern California. There we stayed with family for a while as my parents worked multiple jobs to be able to afford a home of our own. Slowly but steadily, we started building our life in Auburn. My parents worked full time and my brother and I helping as well while we went to school full time. Though I started working in construction at an early age with my dad, I still managed to get involved in school activities to achieve things many wouldn't really picture me reaching. From class President and student government throughout Middle and High School, as well as multiple sports I learned how to lead and be successful. At Sierra College, I put those skills to use and became Student Body President and earned a seat on the Board of Trustees.

I achieved my education and community goals while helping my parents flip houses. Sacrifice came along with deciding to become beginner house flippers with small budgets. At one point the four members of my family lived in an RV for a few months while we fixed up our home on our property. I even gave up a bed when we had an extra body in the RV, sleeping in our storage shack. I realized sometimes we have to sacrifice in order to get somewhere.  We learned how to creatively finance our projects and I'm proud to say my family is still flipping homes today. At a young age, I became a Real Estate Investor and Agent not only to expand the family’s flipping business, but to help whoever I can find or even keep their home if they find themselves in a tough spot. My family, like millions of others in 2008, lost our home when we didn't have to. That jump started not only my family's ambition, but my ambition to be able to offer people services and options to be able to have and keep their homes.

My goal in life is to leave a legacy behind, one my friends and family will be extremely proud of.